Monday, 30 June 2014

Postponement of 1000-man March

After a series of meetings and consultations with the Security Agencies, the planned march in support of government’s efforts to build a stronger economy underpinned by the production and consumption of Made-In- Ghana products has been postponed. 

The Security Agencies have made us aware that due to prior commitments and other pressing engagements, they will be constrained to provide adequate security for the march.

We will in due course give indication of a convenient date and routes for this all important march.

Any inconvenience caused by this postponement is deeply regretted. Thank you all for the massive attentions given to the proposed march. 

George Ekegey Ekeha 

Sunday, 29 June 2014


One Thousand-Man March in support of
President John Mahama

Beloved countrymen and women, our country is going through some tough times, and it is important to recall that no less a person than President John Dramani Mahama himself has acknowledged that fact.

It is also important to recognize that through his actions and policy initiatives, President Mahama is working towards reversing the negatives, especially the economic indicators. The good news is that some of the stringent measures taken by the government are yielding good results.  Economic statistics suggest that the situation is improving although we would all like the pace to be faster.

It is clear that some of these ad-hoc measures were politically difficult to take, but the President put the national interest ahead of pure political considerations.

That is why we must support President John Mahama in his quest to better the lot of this country, and prepare us all to take advantage of the opportunities that a revived Ghanaian economy will bring. Fellow countrymen and women, diligent handling should be preferred by all to an economy managed on the basis of political populism.

Supporting the Made in Ghana Campaign
The Made in Ghana Campaign by President Mahama is a campaign we must all support. As individuals, businesspersons and manufacturers, we all have a role and must play these roles effectively towards supporting our economic transformation process.

Buying products manufactured in Ghana and by Ghanaian workers has major advantages for our economy.  It allows more jobs to be created absorbing our growing young population, and improving our economic dynamics. Our preference and purchase of Made in Ghana products will also encourage many Ghanaian business owners to venture into local production as against importing and growing the economy of other countries.

Is there any reason anybody could possibly have against supporting this campaign and promoting the use of Made in Ghana products?

Black Stars
For some very funny reason, including political, some people even before the senior national team crumbled out of the 2014 World Cup, started an agenda to unnecessarily roll the President into the problems in the Black Stars camp. This was done despite the President’s personal and required interventions aimed at boosting the morale of the team – calling and sending them motivational messages before their matches.

Ironically, these same people were the very ones who accused and criticized the previous NDC administration under President John Evans Atta Mills when it proposed that football administration in the country should be streamlined.

While the President and government cannot effect changes to the GFA or determine who heads the GFA, we must in unison support the call by the President (in an interview in Malabo) that our participation in the Brazil tournament must be reviewed and a rebuilding exercise started. This is a cause that we must all support.

The disgraceful and international bad press the country’s image suffered must never be repeated, and that can only be achieved if we all support the President’s effort. The Brazil embarrassment must be unraveled, and it must not matter who is involved, whether the GFA, the Ministry or other third parties.

President Mahama is a listening president and that is why we all need to rally behind him for Ghana to succeed. To chart our future path, we must take cognizance of our history. There are past presidents of this nation who would not act on suggestions from the people. President Mahama has changed this – he has made government by the people a reality. He has listened to the call to clean up the Ministry. It is now the turn of the GFA to be cleaned and its house put in order.

As the economy begins to pick up, it is important that together, as one people, we do not allow political miscreants from both ends of the divide to deceive us and lure us into leaving the President and Government without support.

Why must business entities, called bulk oil distribution companies (BDCs), hold a nation to ransom because of disagreements over some payments?  

Why must President Mahama be subjected to all the abuse he has suffered in the last few days because of the ineptitude of officials appointed to run and manage our state institutions?  

We must support the President in his work and let institutions like the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST) and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) do what they have been set-up to do.

There can be no justification for the attempts by some individuals to deny the BOST permission to import its own products, thus putting the nation at the mercy of the BDCs.

President Mahama, you need our support to carry on your reforms and your economic transformation agenda. You need our support to bring to fruition the huge investments made in our energy sector.

We have and continue to contend with the ongoing instability in power supply resulting from insufficient production or generation. But we have heard and know of the various interventions aimed at stabilizing the situation, and we are of the view that we must as a people appreciate the constraints and work with the government to resolve the challenges.

We acknowledge that the energy-related institutions must wake up from their slumber and contribute to the efforts being made by revamping their customer responsiveness, service (ensure the establishment of fault response teams that will guarantee quick response to calls about faults) and information management.

Our duty as citizens of a great nation like Ghana is to put our efforts behind the President to ensure that he leads the country as one proud nation among the African countries.

If you believe in the above, join us at 8am prompt
on Tuesday, July 01, 2014 at the Black Star Square in
A One Thousand-Man March in support of
H.E. John Dramani Mahama,
President of the Republic of Ghana and Commander-in-Chief
of the Ghana Armed Forces.

George Ekegey Ekeha
Koku Mawuli Nanagbe
Ohenenana Krow

024 952 9947
024 338 8488